Photo de Jean-Noel LANTHIEZ
Photo de Jean-Noel LANTHIEZ

Alain Signori

When we are looking at the work of Alain SIGNORI, we are immediately struck by its profusion. Compulsive kinds of creations in an infinite range of variations, in order to express the daily thoughts of his mind and those of others. Alain SIGNORI’s one main objective is to find the answer to the question everybody is asking themselves: what is the purpose, the meaning of our life on earth?


He sketches, explores, probes, and so on and so forth.


Drawing again and again, until he finds the perfect line, or the perfect movement, which will best describe the meaning of his quest.


There are successive steps for this search: instinctive and repeated drawings, probing the subconscious. Every new drawing is following the previous one by a different movement, simplifying the world by a simplification of the line and of the colour, which intensifies our outlook on life: a supplementary feeling that fights its way from the bottom of our inner subconscious to finally deliver the “message”.

Then, it is the outburst of our consciousness that manifests itself into the gouache’s colour, before sublimating the painting. Fixing a thought, a truth, which reveals itself when we receive in our heart all the successive ways of this reflexion on human being and life. His answers are numerous. Even if at first glance his art seems to be gloomy, it is an exploration of the human beings’ profoundness, to extract the purity, the light of everyone, in order to divulge life, happiness, love…  Be on earth and enjoy its benefits.


Alain SIGNORI’s painting does not leave us indifferent. His work is a process: a conjuration of a dark past, optimising a brighter present. We delve into his masterpieces by unknown doors. We go out of those, like after living a regenerative therapy, steeped in all the love he is putting on his work, and intensely touched by this kind of blessing that only those who create come up to.


This strength of the poetry and the metaphors that spread over his paintings recreate movement, colour and matter. It is an intense and extreme exploration.


Original, and painter of the origin, Alain SIGNORI is from those who seek, create and thus touch the divine and the Universe.


Alain SIGNORI is an Artist, a true one. He is making part of those who by their act of creation, strive for a better world.


Valérie Fournier


Alain Signori was born in 1962 in Paris. Since a few years now, he is living and working in Ardeche, in the south of France. 

Painter at heart, he also works with other materials such as scrap iron, wood, old papers, which all are left over by our society. He made of those debris, joyful and light assemblages, like the smile he is always wearing.